Introducing the New Sleepology Range


The Lovicks Sleepology Mattress Range

The New Sleepology Range of Mattresses from Lovicks In Proudly made in great Britain using only the finest materials, come down to the store today and choose between the 3 different mattresses.


Firstly there's the FIRM  


The new Sleepology Firm mattress is made using high density Reflex firm support foam.

Its vary Firm , not for the faint hearted , you need to try this to believe just how firm it is.

  • A High density firm support foam [Basically a solid brick of foam]
  • Luxurious soft fabric top  

So.... What is Reflex foam exactly? 

Reflex foam is a type of polyurethane foam that is used in mattresses

Reflex foam is praised for its higher quality structure that is created without using solid fillers such as melamine.

Reflex foams are also known to compress at a reduced percentage in comparison to foams of a similar material makeup (such as Combustion Modified High Resilience foam) this is in addition to its greater elasticity, tensile strength and Durability when in use.


What is the difference between Reflex foam & Memory Foam?

Reflex foam and memory foam are two types of polyurethane foam that are commonly used in mattresses and other cushioning applications.

Memory foam is known for its ability to contour to the shape of the body and provide a soft, cushioned feel. It is made up of millions of little holes that seep out air when pressure is applied.

 When air seeps out the memory foam begins to slowly mould to the contours of the body, thus creating a soft and comfy feel.

Memory foam is also known for its insulating properties which can make the mattress feel warmer than Reflex foam. 

 Reflex foam, on the other hand, is made up of millions of little air bubbles that move to the side when pressure is applied. 

As the air bubbles return to there original form it creates a firm support network around your body, in addition it being less insulating than memory foam it makes for a much cooler feel overall.


Its a great affordable mattress for those looking for a very firm feel, come down to our store today and give it a try.


Second up we have the SOFT

The Sleepology soft 2000 features 2000 individual pocket springs in an encapsulated walled mattress incorporating the new I-Zone Foam 

  • 2000 Pocket Springs
  • I-Zone Foam 
  • Luxurious soft fabric top  

What's I-Zone Foam? 

The Sleepology 2000 Soft Mattress uses a new foam called I-Zone.

This foam Sometimes referred to as Gravity Free offers a soft supple movable layer with a layer of Cool Blue Memory foam creating a sleeping or floating on air feel.

The mattress is also foam encapsulated, so has a foam wall around the outside of the mattress to give it more support at the sides.


 And Last but not Least 



The Sleepology Comfy1000 features 1000 individual pocket springs in an encapsulated walled mattress incorporating a layer of Reflex foam

  • 2000 Pocket Springs
  • Reflex Foam 
  • Luxurious soft fabric top  

Lovicks and our manufacturing partners aim to provide a high quality product at a reasonable price, these mattresses come with a  5 YEAR WARRENTY (1 year Full Guarantee)       

The Lovicks Sleepology Mattress Range [sale] Click this link to buy today or visit us in-store 

Our Philosophy

We believe that your bedroom should be your very own personal oasis in which sleep, serenity and comfort combine to give you a solid nights sleep and a blissful escape to relax in during the day.

About one third of our lives are spent sleeping, and so a good nights rest is essential. With our solid and contemporary beds combined with our excellent range of mattresses we can ensure that you get the rest you need and deserve.

We may have well over 100 Years combined experience but each day we strive and drive our business forward and never lose sight of our customers needs.

We pride ourselves on serving you… our customer… and your changing needs.



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